the minimal co


the minimal co started as a freelancing gig to make some extra cash for our clothing business. Logos, and branding jobs with extremely bright colour palettes and minimal design happened. Clients loved our work, we got a space and put a team in place and now we do everything right from designing campaigns & restaurants to events


I'm from a design background, always wanting to make clothes, curate the most 

out of the box outfits for myself, looking for design everywhere, being obsessed with a minimal lifestyle. Punit sets everything straight for me. He manages while I get to live my passion. He makes it sustainable and easy


Design, Photography, Flatlays, Event design, Digital marketing, Catalogues, Brochures, Photo styling, Logos & Branding, Wedding Invites, Website design, Presentations, Marketing, Package design


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Tel -   +91 9820113555

          +91 9969000222

Client list

1. Omee ganatra Productions, India

2. Your Food Lab, India

4. lama Salloumi, Saudi Arabia

5. Brime, India
6. Irians, Germany
7. Organic Tribe, India

8. Melon Cosmo Care, India
9. Indian Express, Saudi Arabia
10. Spirit Lifters, India
11. Nirvana Dance Studio, Mumbai

12. Holmsey, Australia

13. And Advertising, South Africa

14. Nola, NYC
15. TCT, Mumbai
16. True Pilates, Melbourne
17. Cast You, Mumbai
18. Allied Poly Bags, Delhi
19. Zeno Pizza, Saudi Arabia
20. SSquare Developers, Mumbai
21. Shineel, New Delhi
22. Balsam Developers, Mumbai
23. Plush, bangalore
24. Raahya, Mumbai
25. Levis India
26. I’m Beauty Co. , Mumbai
27. Benefactory
28. Lemon & Pepper
29. Hoam Impex

30. The Budpest Bakehouse

31. Plush - Urban Essentials

32. Posswear
33. The Vintage House, Colaba

34. Harvest essentials

35. Coloressence

36. Luv Israni
37. Bubblewrap

38. Burloe

39. House of Artisans

40. Meadow